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If you are on the lookout for a trustworthy company to handle your estate sale and possession liquidation needs, look no further because Grace Estate Sales Jacksonville got your back. We will visit you to talk about what you need and we will determine the properties you want to liquidate. We would also discuss the market value of the items you wish to sell. We will work together in this planning stage to ensure that you allocate prices for your possessions. At the end of our discussion, we will come up with fair pricing details that work best for you and meet your needs. We will offer your property for sale on our website where we can reach a wide range of audience to notice your sale. We can also publish your sale on local papers, special estate sale communities and online ads. In addition, we can mail notice of your soil to our mailing list network. These methods can help achieve desirable outcomes and attract buyers who are willing to pay the price. Your items will be marketed in a way where buyers will see how valuable they are, so they would agree to the price set.

Just as how you value your property, Grace Estate Sales Jacksonville shows the same importance when it comes to treating your assets. We work with utmost integrity and professionalism when it comes to helping our clients liquidate their property. This is our way of making sure that our customers experience no less than the best assistance from our team. We will help our clients with every small detail, from the professional signage to the pricing methods. We will attend to your needs because we value your time and your sale. Grace Estate Sales will answer your inquiries to help you understand everything you need to know about the process of the sale.

We will handle everything in a professional manner to ensure that our business runs smoothly. We will work with you to achieve your goals. Our team will handle your property and prospective buyers with the highest respect and integrity.

About Us

Grace Estate Sales is a local, family-owned business located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our business that was founded by our father has been servicing in the area of Florida for more than two decades now. We take pride in our years of experience and great customer service over the years.

We can assure you that your property will be properly cared for and liquidated at a fair and considerable amount. We know that these valuables mean something to you and that they were once part of your lives that is why we care for them just as how you do. Our end goal is to meet people who will value your assets as much as you and your family do. You do not need to worry about anything because from the beginning of the process until the end, we got you covered. Our service is here so that you can focus your energy on other things while we look for the right people for your sale.

    Grace Estates Is Your One Stop Solution

    Security- we understand the value of your possession that is why we employ utmost security in handling them to prevent theft. Our office is designed to ensure that no item is left unpaid.

    Strategy- negotiation is crucial in this business. We are not going to waste your time, so we are going to present to you desirable ways to liquidate your property. We will make sure that you do not lose clients with our strategy.

    Sales Options– we will discuss with you certain sales options that can help liquidate your assets fast. Your items might be good for a particular audience or niche and this will help us determine what kind of audience we are looking for and how we’ll be able to reach them. Some items can be liquidated fast if put in a particular market. Some buyers might like antique collectibles and other collectible items. Online auctions such as eBay can get to more audiences and can give fast results. We do not have to lower our price just to sell your item because we know the worth of the property you are selling. We can post flyers with information and price comparisons, age, and item condition. 

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    We will also put up a bidding box that people can utilize to place bids on items they can’t buy. If the items don’t sell, we will negotiate with buyers after the sale.

    Advertising- there are different ways for us to advertise your property. Typically, companies use Facebook, Craigslist and local newspapers and even email marketing to market your asset. We use these strategies together with other options such as posting on,, and We can also use Instagram, Google, and Twitter that are all great platforms for advertising.

    Timing- we recommend having your sale advertised on a Saturday and Sunday because most people hold a 9-5 job and will be able to see this more on their days off. However, these are just our suggestion because you are still free to choose the day we hold your sale.

    Professional Photography- visuals appeal so much to buyers. If your asset does not appeal to buyers senses, then it will be more likely that they don’t buy it. That is why professional photography makes a lot of difference when it comes to estate sales. We have included a professional photographer in our service that you paid for. He will take photos of your items and post them on our website. We will ensure that each photo will impress prospective buyers.

    Straightforward Pricing- there are several methods for you to choose from. After the first consultation is done, you can choose which program best suits your needs.

    From Estimate To Estate Sale

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    Professionalism- we are never late for an appointment and we come ready to impress you with our skills. With our years of experience, we can assure you that we will be able to communicate to you well to come up with a desirable plan.

    Integrity- we value integrity and honesty in this business. These values are the very foundations of our business. We will have a complete inventory of your valuables to ensure that everything has been properly accounted for. We will provide you with the sale price, together with the proceeds after the sale of your asset. We will be very transparent throughout the process to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our service.

    What is an Estate Sale?

    Estate Sale is also known as Tag Sale in other parts of the U.S. it is the process of liquidating the properties of an estate or a family. This is typically on a larger-scale compared to garage and yard sales. There may be a number of reasons for an estate sale and some of them include bankruptcy, relocating, downsizing, divorce, or even death. The property is opened to the public to give them a chance to buy the property for a price. There can be instances when they are not really for sale. An Estate Auction, on the other hand, is where items are auctioned instead of having a selling price.

    There are different ways to run an Estate Sale. The property is first marked with a selling price. If you like the item, you can carry it out with you and then you check it out. You can have the item Marked Sold if the item is too heavy for you to carry. With some companies, they can accept bids for assets if you do not wish to pay the marked price. However, you also reduce your chance to acquire the item because others might be able to buy it when bids are opened.

    Other companies employ the First Come, First Served basis. People line up outside the property that is being sold. Lines may begin hours preceding the sale. Most people are familiar with this system, however, there are still some who do not follow this and feel entitled to a spot, which should not be the case.

    When it comes to an estate sale, there is such a thing as Estate Sale Etiquette. Some companies have a Number System, and they can have a specific rule that is special to their company, so make sure that you know this by checking with the company about their rules. Some companies use the Self Start Number System. This should be employed with care and security because it can be susceptible to cases of abuse. Typically, companies who employ this policy are strict with its implementation.

    Another method is using Sign-up Sheets. It is similar to self-start numbering which can also be vulnerable to abuse. While other companies allow everyone in line to come into the property on sale, other let limited number of guests at a time.

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