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If you have valuables or properties that you want to liquidate, there are some critical points that you need to remember. One of the first and the most important things is that you should be comfortable with the estate sales company that you hire. Hosting an estate sale can be very taxing as well as overwhelming, so it is a must that the company you choose to work with respect your property as well as care for them as if they are their own. If you decide to sign a contract with an estate company, it means you give them your full trust and rely on them to help you liquidate your property.

Look for a company that will do the following for you:

  • Social media marketing- a company that has a loyal market base is an ideal company to hire. They can email weekly newsletters to their valued clients to help sell the property fast.
  • A reliable estate company has a substantial buyer audience that constantly looks out for sales and is willing to buy estates. They provide excellent service to cater to the needs of the estate holder as well as consider the wants of the potential customers.
  • Warning: Do not pay the company you hire onsite because this should come after the sale has been made.
  • Further, it will be for your best interest to consider not just one estate sales company but interview other reputable companies as well. Do not hire a company that you don’t trust.

How Much Stuff do I Need to Sell in Order to Host an Estate Sale

There are different types of sales. Some sales are simple while some are grand. However, it doesn’t require a mansion with a lot of valuable heirlooms to host an estate sale. Buyers are not only looking for furniture or gadgets, or other items in your home, but they can also be looking for novelty items that you may have. You will be surprised that some customers are willing to pay for that old Christmas decoration of yours! If you are not sure which items you want to include in your estate sale, you can always ask the estate company to help you decide and suggest items for you.

Why Hire an Estate-Sale Company?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that it saves you from the hassle. There are a lot of things that you have to consider before you can host an estate sale. If you do it yourself, you might miss important details that may affect your total sale.

    Further, you can liquidate your items quickly with the help of an estate sale company. You only need to give them the key to your home, and they will take care of everything. Also, they have a regular base of clients who will be willing to buy your items as well as the right marketing strategy to increase the sale of your items. If you want to reduce your stress and focus on other things, you can always let an estate sale company handle your liquidation. Look for a company that you can rely on and trust going forward.

    Should We Clean Up the House or Dispose of Items Before Bringing in an Estate Sale Company?

    It is highly recommended to get rid of medications as well as trash and personal documents before an estate sale.

    What Items Sell Well at an Estate Sale? Do We Need to Have Lots of Antiques?

    It will be a plus if you have antique collections at home, but they do not entirely direct the success of an estate sale. An estate sale will be successful if furniture is clean. There are a lot of decorative pieces, linens, equipment, as well as holiday tools and items. The following are some of the things that sell well in an estate sale:

    • Lawn mowers, yard equipment
    • Vintage items
    • Gold, silver, and coins
    • Beautiful decorative items
    • Costumes
    • Furniture

    Furniture Are there any items that traditionally don't do well at a sale?

    Sometimes, no matter how nice the item is, if no one will be interested in buying it, the item will remain after the sale. Some items that typically don’t sell well are the following:

    • Pianos and organs
    • Older furniture
    • Older electronic items
    • Encyclopedia sets

    Don’t be discouraged if you have these items because there is still a chance for them to be sold in the estate sale.

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