How Do Estate Sales Work?

Picture of a luxury dinning room with traditional furniture, green walls with french doors in Jacksonville, FLIf you have never attended an estate sale before, read on, and we will discuss how it works and give you helpful tips to have a wonderful estate sale shopping experience.

What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is a process of liquidating a substantial number of personal items, usually an entire household, in a given time. The sale is open to the public, and the items are typically valuable possessions of the estate owner. An estate is held for many reasons including preparing for relocation, moving to a smaller house, or managing personal items of a deceased loved one.

Who holds an estate sale?

In most cases, estate sales are held by professional Estate Liquidators and not by the owner of the estate itself. This is because organizing and pricing can be challenging to do for an average estate owner. Professional liquidation companies are well-versed when it comes to sorting and pricing items to their maximum value. Moreover, they handle the marketing and advertisement of the sale to ensure that many potential buyers would attend the sale.

How do I shop for an estate sale?

When you have found an estate sale that you are interested in, you merely have to go to the location during the hours announced in the ad. If you want to see everything and make sure you get the best items, you should arrive early on the initial day of the sale so that you can buy an item before someone else does. You can expect a line outside the property if you arrive earlier, but if there’s none, you can walk right in and start shopping.

Items are displayed in the property are on sale unless they are marked as “not for sale.” You can walk around and look for things that you find interesting or valuable for your test. Prices for each item are marked on them so you can decide whether it is within your budget or you should look for other items to buy. You can haggle, but this is rarely the case because most deals in an estate sale are fair-priced, so haggling is not necessary.

One bonus tip: Start by going around the basement because real treasures are usually found in this area of the house.

Once you are done shopping, you only need to check out the items and pay. Simple isn’t it? Go and find the nearest estate sale in your place and enjoy shopping!

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